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Remember those dark, distant days of dial-up? All that patient waiting, waiting, and more waiting for the pages to load. Agonising minute-by-minute anticipation rewarded (eventually) with the sparkly eye-watering newness of the super highway. Wow, how we marvelled.

But not for long. Soon the honeymoon was over. We demanded more. More of everything to browse and buy, easier access from anywhere, faster performance from hyper-speed fatband and instantaneous in-the-blink-of-an-eye connection to the web.

Today we expect a website to open its doors without an iota of hesitation. Our patience is micron-thin. If that site doesn’t open in a jiffy, we’re off to find another one that does. And fast! Research tells us that 40% of shoppers will abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. And with every extra second of page load time costing a website 7% in lost conversions, no business can afford to delay its online customers for any longer than necessary.

But page load time isn’t just down to broadband breadth. Even with the fattest of pipes, you’ll find many leading sites will have their visitors twiddling thumbs. This is often because the Javascript tags used by many websites to measure results and reward referring channels can actually act as a brake on a site’s efficiency. Look under the bonnet and you could find web pages littered with dozens of duplicate, outdated and non-functioning tags. Left unmanaged these little critters will slow site performance and deter potential buyers.

Fortunately tag management has really moved on since the inception of analytics with innovations from the likes of TagMan. Winning several innovation awards, they are on hand to help slowcoach sites to streamline their tags, become more user-friendly and uplift sales.

So if you’re running a website, give it a quick road test. If your test isn’t quick enough, it could be those little tags at fault. And those little tags could make a big difference to your sales. Because when it comes to speed, your visitors won’t be giving you a second chance.


By Andy Hunt

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